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This page is a translated version of the page Wikifunctions:Vision and the translation is 100% complete.

The vision for Wikifunctions:

  1. Imagine a programmin system that is collaboratively growed an maintained, ti which awbody can contreibute, an that awbody mey share.
  2. Imagine a programmin system that truly is accessible, yin that is open nae yinlie ti speakers o Inglis but ti billions o fowk mair wha will nae hae ti learn Inglis first in order ti learn hou ti program.
  3. Imagine a programmin system that is truly geared ti a mobile-first warld, an whaut the execution o the code an the data flow become intelligently managed an distributit.
  4. Imagine a programmin system whaur ye write code ae time an than it can be run anywhaur bi any yin – e'en frae programs written in different programmin leids.
  5. Imagine a programmin system that allous us ti mak the neist muckle lowp in knawledge representation.