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This page is a translated version of the page Wikifunctions:Vision and the translation is 14% complete.

The vision for Wikifunctions:

  1. Imagine a programming system that is collaboratively grown and maintained, to which everyone can contribute, and that everyone may share.
  2. Imagine a programming system that truly is accessible, one that is open not only to speakers of English but to billions of people more who will not have to learn English first in order to learn how to program.
  3. Imagine a programming system that is truly geared to a mobile-first world, and where the execution of the code and the data flow become intelligently managed and distributed.
  4. Imagine a programming system where you write code only once and then it can be run anywhere by anyone – even from programs written in different programming languages.
  5. Imagine a programming system that allows us to make the next big leap in knowledge representation.