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Wikifunctions Functioneer

Functioneers are users who hold the functioneer user group. There are currently 148 Functioneers on Wikifunctions.


Functioneers are users who have the ability to approve and deactive both implementations and test cases connected to functions. This means they decide what functions are safe to use, and which ones to deny.

During the early days of Wikifunctions, they are also the only people who can create and edit objects, functions and test cases, and they have the ability to edit the labels, descriptions and aliases of objects they can create and edit.

How to request

Users may apply to become a functioneer at Wikifunctions:Apply for editing#Early access function editors.


Due to Wikifunctions being a new project, there are no requirements or guidelines that the community have decided on.


Wikifunctions:Staff are currently tasked with deciding whether to grant functioneer rights.

Technical abilities

The functioneer user group gives users the technical ability to:

  • Connect a Test Case to its Function — wikilambda-connect-tester
  • Disconnect a Test Case from its Function — wikilambda-disconnect-tester
  • Connect an Implementation to its Function so it can be run — wikilambda-connect-implementation
  • Disconnect an Implementation from its Function so it cannot be run — wikilambda-edit-attached-implementation
  • Edit Implementation that is connected to a Function — wikilambda-edit-attached-implementation
  • Edit Test Case that is connected to a Function — wikilambda-edit-attached-tester
  • Edit definition of existing Function — wikilambda-edit-function-definition
    • Note, this applies to unconnected Functions only; only Maintainers have the rights to edit the definition of a "running" Function, that is, one with attached Implementations or Test Cases.
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled — autopatrol

Temporarily during the early release of Wikifunctions, they also are the ones that have:

  • Create new Function Objects — wikilambda-create-function
  • Edit existing Function Objects — wikilambda-edit-function
  • Create new Implementation Objects — wikilambda-create-implementation
  • Edit existing Implementation Objects — wikilambda-edit-implementation
  • Create new Objects at all — wikilambda-create
  • Edit contents of an existing Object — wikilambda-edit
  • Create new Test Case Objects — wikilambda-create-tester
  • Edit existing Test Case Objects — wikilambda-edit-tester
  • Edit aliases of an existing Object — wikilambda-edit-object-alias
  • Edit argument labels of an existing Function — wikilambda-edit-argument-label
  • Edit existing user-provided Function — wikilambda-edit-user-function
  • Edit key labels of an existing Type — wikilambda-edit-key-label
  • Edit labels of an existing Object — wikilambda-edit-object-label

Temporarily during the early release of Wikifunctions, they do not yet have:

  • Create new Type Objects — wikilambda-create-type

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