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વિકિવિધેય:સભ્ય સમૂહો

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikifunctions:User groups and the translation is 25% complete.


This table summarizes the current permissions:

Run published functions Publish/edit non-object (wikitext) pages Run functions without publishing for testing purposes Publish functions, implementations and testers Associate/disassociate tester and implementations Edit attached implementations or testers Edit running function (has attached implementations)
Anyone – not logged in TBD TBD TBD
Anyone – logged in
Function maintainer

સભ્ય સમૂહોની યાદી

Local user groups can only be held on Wikifunctions and have no effect on other Wikimedia projects.

ન નોંધાયેલ સભ્યો

મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Unregistered user

Users who are not logged in are called unregistered users, or IP users. These users can edit the labels, descriptions, and aliases of objects; they can edit pages which are not protected or semi-protected; their edits will appear in page histories alongside the IP address from which they were made.

નોંધાયેલ સભ્યો

મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Registered user

Registered users are users who have signed up for an account and have logged in to a Wikimedia project. In addition to what an unregistered user can do, a registered user can: create and edit objects, create and edit functions and test cases, create pages, edit their own preferences, edit their own watchlist, and mark edits as minor.

Confirmed and Autoconfirmed users

મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Confirmed users

Confirmed users are users who have been given access to the same permissions as autoconfirmed users before their account has reached the threshold to be automatically added to the autoconfirmed user group. Notably, users with this group can move pages and edit semi-protected pages themselves without making an edit request.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Functioneers

Functioneers are users who have the ability to approve and deactivate both implementations and test cases connected to functions. They can also edit connected (approved) functions, implementations, and test cases.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Maintainers

Maintainers are users who have the ability to create and edit predefined objects (These are Z objects with a value of less than Z10000). They can create and edit Objects, Natural Language Objects and Programming Language Objects. They have the additional ability to edit functions provided by the WikiLambda system.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Administrators

Administrators (also known as admins or sysops) are experienced and trusted users who are able to complete maintenance tasks for Wikifunctions to function properly. These tasks include deleting pages, protecting pages, blocking users and granting users additional user groups.

Interface administrators

મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Interface administrators

Interface administrators are highly trusted users with the ability to edit all pages in the MediaWiki namespace, including sitewide CSS, JavaScript and JSON pages. These pages are executed by the browser of wiki editors and readers as code, which can be used to change how content is styled. They also have the ability to edit user CSS, JavaScript and JSON pages.

ભાષાંતર પ્રબંધકો

મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Translation administrators

Translation administrators are users who set up pages using the translation extension and mark them for translation so that pages can be translated by users into any supported language.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats (also known as 'crats') are experienced and trusted users who are able to assign and remove advanced user groups including Administrators, Translation administrators, Interface administrators, and bots.

વિશેષ સમૂહોની યાદી

IP block exemption

મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:IP block exempt

Users who are given the IP block exemption are not affected by autoblocks, blocks of IP addresses and rangeblocks (both global and local). They are also exempt from proxy blocks and Tor blocks.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:CheckUser policy

A user with the checkuser permission on a wiki can, in particular, check if a user is a sockpuppet of another user on that wiki (not on all wikis).


મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Oversight policy

Oversight or suppression refers to hiding revisions, edit summaries, usernames, or log entries from the public. Suppressed data can only be viewed and restored by users in these groups.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Bots

Bots (also known as robots) are automated tools used to make edits without the necessity of human decision-making.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Importer

There are two types of Importers: importers and transwiki importers. Both can perform transwiki import however only importers can perform upload import.

Wikifunctions staff

મુખ્ય પાનું: Wikifunctions:Wikifunctions staff members

A small number of Wikimedia staff and contractors are in the Wikifunctions staff user rights group, which gives them powers to manage various items across the wiki. This is for software and community development.

વૈશ્વિક સમૂહોની યાદી

Global user groups are active across multiple Wikimedia projects. The following are active on Wikifunctions:

વૈશ્વિક પ્રબંધકો

મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Global sysops

Global sysops are users that have sysop and interface administrator privileges on most public wikis, for the purposes of antivandalism and routine maintenance. They are not users with sysop tools on all wikis and they have no extra editorial control over content or the local community.


મુખ્ય પાનું: Meta-Wiki:Stewards

Stewards are a global group of users with complete access to the wiki interface on all public Wikimedia wikis. They have the technical ability to modify all local and global user rights, change the status and name of global accounts, and access any of the permissions available to administrators and bureaucrats.