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Wikifunctions Staff

Wikifunctions staff members are users who hold the wikifunctions-staff user group. There are currently 14 users in this group on Wikifunctions.


A small number of Wikimedia staff and contractors are in the Wikifunctions staff user rights group, which gives them powers to manage various items across the wiki. This is for software and community development.

Current staff members

How to request

This is not a requestable user group and will only be assigned to accounts determined by other Wikifunctions staff.

Technical ability

The wikifunctions-staff user group gives users the technical ability to conduct most actions on Wikifuctions which are restricted to general users.

Wikifunctions staff editing policy


Unlike other Wikimedia projects, Wikifunctions will be open for staff editing the main namespace. To be eligible for staff editing, the account needs to follow the rules and guidelines set out in the Wikifunctions staff editing policy.

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