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Here on Wikifunctions, I would like to contribute to a wide coverage of useful functions that may one day (coupled with a NLP interface) allow the creation of an open source version of Wolfram Alpha (a tool I use often). As stated in their home page, Wolfram Alpha is made of three main components, and Wikifunctions might provide the open version of one of them:

Wolfram Alpha component Open replacement
Natural Language Understanding Some open source LLM?
Curated Data & Knowledge Wikidata
Dynamic Algorithmic Computation Wikifunctions

To do

  • Complete shuffle string (Z10767)
    • Add test cases: call the function with "ab" as argument, test the result using string comparison with "ab" and "ba", and merge both using or (Z10184)
    • Add implementation(s)

Function catalogs

Useful links

  • w:Function as a service
    • AWS Lambda[3] was the first FaaS offering by a large public cloud vendor, followed by Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions, IBM/Apache's OpenWhisk (open source) in 2016 and Oracle Cloud Fn (open source) in 2017.
  • Wikifunctions:Catalogue