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In simplified English (without JSON formatting):

A Z9/Reference points to the Z2K2/value of a ZObject identified by a specific string (the value of the referenced object’s Z2K1/id), and indicates that they share the same meaning. For example, consider this reference:

“two” “Z702”

In expanded form, it looks like this (as explained in the Section on deserialization):

{ “type”: “reference”, “reference id”: “two” } { “Z1K1”: “Z9”, “Z9K1”: “Z702” }

Since it’s a Z9/Reference, it’s replaced by the Z2K2/value from the Z2/Persistent object with the Z2K1/id “Z702”:

{ “type”: “natural number”, “base 10 representation”: “2” } { “Z1K1”: “Z10”, “Z10K1”: “2” }

All three representations mean the same thing in Wikifunctions. They represent the natural number 2. GrounderUK (talk) 12:27, 30 March 2024 (UTC)Reply