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Core sequences

A number Object
A000001 Z
A000002 nth number in Kolakoski sequence (Z15092)
A000004 zero function (Z13640)
A000005 number of divisors (Z13760)
A000007 characteristic function of 0 (Z13829)
A000009 Z
A000010 Euler totient function (Z13955)
A000012 all 1's sequence (Z13827)
A000014 Z
A000019 Z
A000027 natural number identity (Z13636)
A000029 Z
A000031 Z
A000032 nth Lucas number (Z13952)
A000035 n mod 2 (Z13825)
A000040 nth prime (Z15362)
A000041 Z
A000043 nth Mersenne exponent (Z13932)
A000045 nth Fibonacci number (Z13835)
A000048 Z
A000055 Z
A000058 Sylvester's sequence nth term (Z13843)
A000069 Z
A000079 2^n (Z13644)
A000081 Z
A000085 Z
A000088 Z
A000105 Z
A000108 Catalan number (Z13857)
A000109 Z
A000110 Z
A000111 Z
A000112 Z
A000120 binary weight of n (Z13860)
A000123 Z
A000124 Z
A000129 Z
A000140 Z
A000142 factorial (Z13667)
A000161 Z
A000166 Z
A000169 n^(n-1) (Z13959)
A000182 Z
A000203 sum of divisors (Z13770)
A000204 nth Lucas number (Z13952)
A000217 triangular number (Z13961)
A000219 Z
A000225 2^n-1 (Z13948)
A000244 3^n (Z13963)
A000262 Z
A000272 n^(n-2) (Z13965)
A000273 Z
A000290 n^2 (Z13663)
A000292 tetrahedral number (Z13967)
A000302 4^n (Z13969)
A000311 Z
A000312 n^n (Z13809)
A000326 pentagonal number (Z13971)
A000330 square pyramidal number (Z13973)
A000364 Z
A000396 nth perfect number (Z13975)
A000521 Z
A000578 n^3 (Z13977)
A000583 n^4 (Z13979)
A000593 sum of odd divisors (Z13984)
A000602 Z
A000609 Z
A000612 Z
A000670 Z
A000688 Z
A000720 number of primes <= n (Z13986)
A000793 Z
A000796 nth digit of π (Z14166)
A000798 Z
A000959 Z
A000961 Z
A000984 central binomial coefficient (Z13989)
A001003 little Schröder number (Z14883)
A001006 Motzkin number (Z14871)
A001034 Z
A001037 Z
A001045 Jacobsthal number (Z13991)
A001055 Z
A001065 sum of proper divisors (Z13993)
A001097 Z
A001113 nth digit of e (Z15347)
A001147 double factorial of 2n-1 (Z13997)
A001157 sum of squares of divisors (Z13999)
A001190 Z
A001221 number of unique prime divisors (Z13767)
A001222 number of prime divisors (Z13764)
A001227 number of odd divisors (Z14001)
A001285 1-2 Thue-Morse sequence (Z14005)
A001333 Z
A001349 Z
A001358 Z
A001405 binomial(n, floor(n/2)) (Z14007)
A001462 Z
A001477 natural number identity (Z13636)
A001481 Z
A001511 Z
A001519 Z
A001615 Dedekind psi function (Z13957)
A001699 Z
A001700 Z
A001764 Z
A001906 Z
A001969 Z
A002033 Z
A002083 Z
A002106 Z
A002110 primorial p(n)# (Z15287)
A002113 Z
A002275 Z
A002322 Z
A002378 pronic number P_n (Z15037)
A002426 Z
A002487 Z
A002530 Z
A002531 Z
A002572 Z
A002620 quarter-square (Z15113)
A002654 Z
A002658 Z
A002808 Z
A003094 Z
A003136 Z
A003418 Z
A003484 Hurwitz-Radon number (Z15119)
A004011 Z
A004018 Z
A004526 floor(n/2) (Z15111)
A005036 Z
A005100 Z
A005101 Z
A005117 Z
A005130 Z
A005230 Z
A005408 2*n+1 (Z15108)
A005470 Z
A005588 Z
A005811 Z
A005843 2*n (Z15107)
A006318 Z
A006530 largest prime divisor (Z13735)
A006882 Untitled (Z13996)
A006894 Z
A006966 Z
A007318 Z
A008277 Z
A008279 Z
A008292 Z
A010060 Thue-Morse sequence (Z14003)
A018252 Z
A020639 smallest prime divisor (Z13732)
A020652 Z
A020653 Z
A025487 Z
A027642 Z
A038566 Z
A038567 Z
A038568 Z
A038569 Z
A055512 Z
A070939 length of binary representation (Z13928)
A074206 Z
A104725 Z
A217831 Z
A226898 Hooley's delta function (Z14917)
A246655 Z


A number Object
A000265 odd part (Z13982)
A001348 nth Mersenne prime (Z13950)
A001414 sum of prime divisors (Z13773)
A006370 Collatz conjecture function (Z13561)
A008472 sum of unique prime divisors (Z13776)
A052126 n/(largest prime dividing n) (Z13745)