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Note: This is a proposal for a Wikifunctions community process. It is still being brainstormed. Comments are welcome on the talk page.

This page details a proposal for approving implementations of functions. See also the page that is currently linked from the interface, mw:Extension:WikiLambda/Approving Implementations and Testers.

Please request connections here: Wikifunctions:Community portal#Tasks listed by users.


  1. A proposed implementation is posted on Wikifunctions:Implementation noticeboard. In the application, the implementation and 3-4 test cases must be transcluded. How to do this will be figured out later.
  2. Community members will comment on what should be done with these implementations. Here are a few possible actions that can be taken:
    • Approve This approves the implementation for use by Wikifunctions.
    • Hold This delays the approval of the implementation until issues can be fixed during the discussion.
    • Decline This causes the implementation to not be approved. If an implementation is declined, the person suggesting the implementation must wait 2 weeks before posting the application again, so that issues with the implementation can be fixed.
    • Reject This causes the implementation to be deleted, and removed from the implementation list. Generally, an implementation should not be rejected unless its issues are almost impossible to fix, or if the implementation was created with an obvious malicious intent, as described in the vandalism policy.
  3. After 14 days, a Wikifunctions admin will close the application according to consensus.

Commenters are encouraged to review the Implementation policy before commenting at the Implementation noticeboard.

If an implementation is found to have errors, a request to the Wikifunctions:Implementation noticeboard should be made quickly. If the request is approved, the implementation with errors will be moved to "Proposed" status until contributors can debug and fix the errors.

What to do if your implementation is declined

If your implementation is declined, the best thing to do is to get help from other Wikifunctions contributors, who can help debug your implementation. You are welcome to put an application for your implementation again once its bugs have been addressed, and once 2 weeks have passed.