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My main contributions to wikimedia wikis are listed below, any edits to other wikis are probably mininal and are not worth mentioning here.


I am not too active on meta however I will sometimes drop a support or oppose to a discussion (RfA, Stewards, ect.)

English Wikipedia

I am spend most of my time on english wikipedia doing anything and everything but writing articles. Such as:

  • Maintaining my userscripts
  • Assisting with issues at WP:VPT
  • Responding to mass message requests and assistance
  • Responding to file rename requests
  • Improve, update, fix and create many templates


I have started getting involved with this new project. I have and am in the progress of working on information pages for the project and developing the project.


I mainly create new items for television series and movies on wikidata, filling out the basicis for english wikipedia articles.


I sporadically upload files to commons and will sometimes do anti-vandal work on commons.