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Use this template to prevent automatic (bot) archival of a given thread, either semi-permanently or for a specified number of days. Conventionally this template is used at the top of the thread, just under the header, but it may be placed anywhere in the thread.

This template works by placing a hidden HTML comment in the thread that contains a future date. The comment is invisible to users but visible to the archiving bots, and the bots will not archive the thread until that date is at least one archival period in the past. The comment can be seen when the page is edited, and looks like the following:

<!-- [[User:DoNotArchiveUntil]] 00:00 1 January 2200 (UTC) -->

Where the date used is determined by the number of days entered into the template.


This template must be substituted to work.

This template takes one optional integer parameter to specify the number of days to prevent the thread from archiving. if the parameter is omitted, the template will set the thread to archive in 3650 days (10 years).

  • {{subst:DNAU}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for a very long time.
  • {{subst:DNAU|200}} - to prevent a thread from being archived for 200 days.

Remember to subtract the archival period from the number of days; i.e., if you want the thread to be archived in 30 days, and the archival period is 7 days, use 23 for the number of days.

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